Suspend.ed in Pink

'Suspend.ed in Pink' is the follow up to the successful Art Jewelry exhibition-come-installation that took place in Studio Gabi Green, Munich, Germany in March 2012 as part of Schmuck 2012.

Curated by Laura Bradshaw-Heap, ‘Suspend.ed in pink’, is a touring exhibition that seeks to explore the world of jewellery as it is NOW. With a focus on concept driven jewellery, also known as art or research jewellery, the exhibition is concentrated on wearable pieces that contain the colour PINK.

Why pink?, why not blue or green or black, peach, indigo or tangerine?
There are numerous reasons, opening up a riot of explorations into pink’s many connotations, cultural references and gender associations.

Entries were received from all parts of the world. A wealth of statements, concepts and styles with 365 pieces submitted from over 156 jewellers.


I designed the catalogue for the exhibition, the finish and binding being influenced by the materials used in the pieces themselves. My aim was to elevate the humble catalogue to coffee-table book status.


Size: 64pp 297mm x 210mm
Print: Digital
Stock: 100gsm body and 800gsm book-board cover
Binding: PUR perfect bound with a pink linen exposed spine & pink metallic foil