'Suspended – An Installation hanging from a thread' is an Art Jewelry exhibition-come-installation that took place in Studio Gabi Green, Munich, Germany in March 2012 as part of Schmuck 2012. Curated by Laura Bradshaw-Heap the exhibition saw a diverse range of 19 jewlers from different counties, backgrounds and stages of their careers come together and display their work side by side. The only common thread between these artists and their work was exactly that – a single thread.

For the catalogue, I wanted to challenge the viewer and, like the exhibition ask them to interact and engage. It was also important to myself and Laura that the catalogue felt special without over doing it. So, Digital printing on recycled paper and a simple but interesting staple binding created the look and feel myself and Laura desired.


Size: 46pp 120mm x 210mm
Print: Digital
Stock: 80gsm body and 120gsm Cover recycled uncoated
Binding: Staple