My name is Vita Dobson and I'm a Graphic Designer from London, UK.
I grew up on a little green island in the middle of the Northern Atlantic Ocean and graduated with a BA honors Degree in Visual Communication Design from IADT, Dublin, Ireland in June 2011.

I have a particular interest in print design and a love of well crafted Typography and
Photography. Ideas are important to me and I tend to appreciate Graphic Design that has a clear concept and practical purpose at the heart of its communication.

I currently work as a Graphic Designer at Persuasion Republic, a creative communications & advertising agency focused on working solely for leading charities and public sector organisations. When not at the day job I like to design books for arts and cultural clients and I am always looking for creative opportunities to fill my spare time.

If you would like to say howiya or have a project you think I might be interested in,
feel free to contact me via email or phone.

Thanks for looking!

My CV is available here and a work sample here.

View my LinkedIn profile here